This project would not have been possible without the help of many people. I like to give special thanks to:

Ambra Trotto

The collaboration with Ambra is one of a kind, and became intense during her PhD at DQI ( dep. of Industrial Design, TU/e). We developed several frameworks and tools together. Ambra, Brandon Yeup Hur and I gave the Master’s class Ideating in Skills, during which the first set of tools were developed that are an integrated part of the D&S Studio. Moreover, Ambra accompanied me during my first eights encounters in the San Francisco Bay area and at the University of California, San Diego, and she will also be present during many other encounters. Ambra, thanks of the bottom of my heart; you made this journey even more inspiring and valuable: way beyond my dreams! I hope they inspire you too, and that we can do marvellous and astonishing thing together in the area of embodied design tools for transformative communities.


Chet Bangaru

Another special thanks goes to Chet Bangaru, Mister Magic Hands. Chet supported me during the 1st semester of the academic year 2014-2015 to realise the D&S Studio. He coached the interns (Jaime van Hummel and Harm van Hoek) and enabled them to rapid prototype the parts of the D&S Studio, including the Ideating in Skills set. He kept his feet on the ground to make it happen, guided me towards a professional milling factory for the wooden table, and he worked even during the Christmas holidays to make sure I could leave on time with my D&S studio to the United States. Chet, without you I could not have experienced again what it is to be a designer, to make things and to have the pleasure of sanding wood for days; and with the gratifying feeling of satisfaction when seeing the appreciation of craftsmanship when the inspirators interacted with the D&S studio during the encounters. Thanks!!


Tim Scholten                             Bart Jakobs


Tim and Bart made the database software and app facilitating the Engaging Encounters at their company Less or More web solutions. It is a pleasure to see our Industrial Design alumni flourish and run their own business. Tim, Bart, thanks for your hard work and flexibility to make this all work. I see that the attitude we promote and try to instill during the study, has been penetrated into your blood and your way of working. I hope that we can keep on working together to refine the software and make this a magnificent project.


Also our students and interns supported me immensely in realising this endeavour. A special thanks goes out to:

Harm van Hoek: Harm thank you for being so enthusiastic to take on this internship as a third year Bachelor at Industrial Design. You brought the Ideating in Skills set form a first prototype made during the Master’s Class, to a fully working sturdy prototype that is now accompanying me abroad. It was a true pleasure to work with you, not only because of your skills, but also because of your pleasure attitude. Thanks, and all the best for the remaining part of your study and your future career as a designer.

Jaime van Hummel: Jaime, thank you for doing your internship at ID and supporting me to realise the D&S studio. You were always friendly and more than willing to digitise my ideas and translate my Adobe Illustrator files into CAD. I hope that the design journey was useful and inspirational for you and I wish you all the best during the last phase of your study at Summa College.


And a special thanks goes out to the Industrial Design Master students that participated in the module Ideating in Skills. They developed the first version of the Ideating in Skills toolset that is now part of the mobile D&S studio. Moreover, some of them helped writing a paper about the development of the tool and they produced a beautiful movie. Dear all, I like to thank for all your trust, energy and beautiful ideas:

group IiS xs

Sander Biesmans, Yannick Brouwer, Tijs Duel, Tove Elfferich, Bruna Goveia da Rocha, Michael Ha, Ronald Helgers, Anders Høedholt, Arvid Jense, Peter Jongste, David Kappe, Eef Lubbers, Doenje Oogjes, Jeroen Rood, Marjolein Schets, Dorothé Smit, Anne Spaa, Frank van Valkenhoef, Tom van ’t Westeinde, Jan Zekveld and Stijn Zoontjens.


Next to Chet and Ambra, there were other staff members and professionals that helped me to develop and build the D&S studio and realise my Engaging Encounter project, who I like thank:

Anny Prinsen: I do not know what I would do without you. You organise my travelling plans, make sure I go abroad with the right papers, support me getting back my money in time, and so many other things. You say it is a pleasure to work at DQI, but DQI finds is a true pleasure to have you in our group. Thank you!!

Jelle van Dijk: Thank you for the inspiring talks about embodied sensemaking, and how this theory can be incorporated into practice, i.e. the D&S Studio. I truly hope we continue our discussions in the (near) future.

Sietske Klooster: Thank you for all your choreography of interaction workshops that make the students experience the value of embodiment through movement. It is always a pleasure to work with you and I’m looking forward doing that in the future too.

Brandon Yeup Hur: Thank you for your fresh ideas, beauty for aesthetics and energy during the Ideating in Skill module. It was a pleasure to lecture together with you and I hope we keep on doing so in the upcoming years.

Jasper Sterk: Thanks Jasper for your incredibly quick prototyping skills. Your support during the last week were the difference between a nice concept and the real thing. Without your help I don’t think the D&S studio would have had a steady frame.

Geert van den Boomen: Thanks for being always so friendly to support not only our students, but also the staff members at ID. The speakers are working fine, although I will knock on your door soon for a version that works with both 110V and 220 V 🙂

DQI: I like to thank all the members of DQI for their energy, passion, craftsmanship, high quality work, devotion and dedication to create a beautiful group of people who are interested to work together, learn form each other, inspire our students and create an intriguing tomorrow together. It is a pleasure to work together with you and I will miss you (a bit 😉 during my sabbatical.


Finally, there were other people who made it possible to turn this project into a success. Next to the support of all inspirators and additional inspiring people, I like to give special thanks to:

The board of the department of Industrial Design: they enabled me to save money for this adventurous journey and they supported me having my sabbatical. Jos, Aarnout, Berry, thank you for your support, and I hope to bring back dozens of inspiring ideas for the department

CNC Milling company Boerboom: We were walking on the edge with our design for the D&S Studio. Luckily for us, Boerboom has the right expertise, the right machines, and the right personnel. There was one craftsman willing to give it a go, and despite some set-back, they delivered an almost perfect table for the D&S studio. I can highly recommend this company for your milling work.

Sawing Mill Van Rooijen: Mr. van Rooijen was so friendly to saw the butchers chopping block made out of Stone beech in two parts; a job no-one was willing to do.

Martijn Boerboom from Thank you for building this beautiful flight-case so I can transport my D&S Studio safely around the world.


And last but not least, I like to thank my family, Henny, Jonas and Pepijn. I do realise it is straining for you all when I’m abroad for so many weeks. On the other hand, it gives a bit more structure when one of the scatterbrains is not around 🙂 Thank you all for the pleasant time we have together!


Recent Posts

Slowly but certainly moving towards 100

Continuing this project next to my regular work (since my sabbatical ended almost a year ago) is quite a challenge, and especially updating the website. Since the summer holidays started, I now have a bit more time to address my adventures the last half year. In 2016, I had 12 encounters up till now.

12 new encounters 2016

At the top row, you see three encounters I had with designers in practice (from left to right: Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken, Less or More and Onmi) about their approaches and visions on design and design research. Moreover, I had the opportunity to have five inspiring encounters with researchers who were visiting the Computer Human Interaction conference in San Jose, CA, USA (from the 2nd row on the left to the right and downwards: George Khut, Dag Svaenas, Gerrit van der Veer, John Zimmerman and Marko Teras) about the direction HCI and design research is taking, and how this relates to social, cultural, philosophical, technological and economical developments in our society. Moreover, Pierre Lévy and I had the pleasure to have an encounter with Veronique Hillen, Dean of Paris, on design thinking and design education (3rd row on the right). I met Gbolagade Ayoola, professor emeritus of Agricultural Economics and Policy and founder and president of Farm & Infrastructure Foundation, in Eindhoven and we discussed amongst other things  the differences between Nigeria and Europe e.g. regarding the role of policy and technology to offer people equal rights. In August, I had a meeting with Maarten Konigs & Hans Robertus from the Holland Branding Group (4th row in the middle) to discuss participatory processes to explore the identity and branding of groups and neighbourhoods to offer people a frame and source of inspiration to act upon. Finally, I explored with Roel Freeke, the director of Necker van Naem, about the role of data, tools and social interaction to support governance and democracy processes. So the counter has reached 79.


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