One intense day at Philips Design

Monday August 3, I had three encounters at Philips Design. I started with an encounter with Paul Gardien, vice-president Philips Design (photo upper left), where we looked at the shifting role and profession of designers in relation to the building blocks of the knowledge economy (platforms, epics (user stories) and knowledge) and what might be needed for the transformation economy. At the start of the afternoon I had an encounter with Jos Stuyfzand, global creative director for Philips Design HealthTech (bottom photo). We discussed the changing eco-system of healthcare, where applications based on data become important, but also ownership, trust and service. And we explored the new generation of designers: critical, responsible professionals who collaborate and will temporarily become part of the systems they co-design. And last but certainly not least, I had an encounter with Reon Brand, senior director foresight & socio-cultural trends at Philips Design, and an expert in the  transformation paradigm (photo upper right). We discussed the difficulty of unraveling the building blocks of the transformation economy, and we explored important concepts such regeneration (instead of sustainability), mindfulness and the fabrics of society. We will need time and small wins to demonstrate the principles of the transformation economy.

Philips Design encounters