Successful trip to the States

September 27 till October 9 2015 was another intense period fo encounters in the States, this time on the East Coast. Together with Ambra Trotto I was in New York and the Boston area to visit 7 insiprators.

USA East coast encounters New York In New York, I discussed with Fabrizio Tondolo (left), Global Medical Affairs Lead at Merck, the tension between the transformation paradigm and current practices within health care and more specific the parmaceutical take on this. The second encounter was with Richard Sennett (middle), the author of the magnificent books “the Craftsman” and “Together”. It was an inspiring, yet demanding and stern encounter about the essence of craftsmanship and collaboration. At the end of the trip in New York I had to pleasure to have an encounter with Rhea Alexander (right) from Parsons, about strategic design and management, and the challenges design faces in multi-disciplinary collabroration and the move towards a transformation paradigm.

USA East coast encounters Boston areaIn Boston we visited Harvard and MIT. The trip started with an encounter with Joanna Aizenberg (top left), Professor of Materials Science at Harvard and Leader of the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, about new, bio-inspired synthetic materials and devices and the collabration between engineering and design to develop these. Thereafter, Mary Tolikas (top right), the Operations Director at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University discussed with us which attitude and organisational approach is beneficial for innovation, collaboration, and technology translation. On Thursday October 8, we visted MIT Media Lab, where I had an inspiring and insightful encounter with professor Hiroshi Ishii (bottom left), Head of Tangible Media Group and Associate Director of MIT Media Laboratory. We discussed the potential and pittfals of tangible interaction, as well as related topics such as approaches to education and research. Last but certainly not least I an encounter with Jorrit de Jong (bottom right) Academic Director of the Innovations in Government Program at the Kennedy Harvard Business School, about his Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation and the potential of design in this field.