D&S Studio

D&S Studio

The encounter makes use of the mobile Design & Sensemaking (D&S) studio, which was especially designed for this project based on phenomenology-inspired embodied theory, and more specifically the concept of embodied sensemaking [1]. The D&S studio is developed for two-person design workshops to envision future societies and explore new directions for technological innovations.

The D&S studio consist of:

  • a portable stage
  • Engagement Catalysers to boost social interaction [3]
  • an Ideating in Skills toolset to explore future scenarios using tangible interactive objects
  • several sets of small Inspiration & Assessment Cards to trigger ones imagination [2]
  • a RFID Scaffolding toolset including RFID scanners, RFID stickers and a handheld printer to connect digital content to physical scaffolds
  • a set of iPads and iPods to access digital information and record the entire session
  • a local server and database to store and retrieve digital content related to the encounters, including the recordings made. These recordings (audio, video, and RFID time-stamped markers) are for use during the session as well as afterwards to inspire others and for ones own recollection.

The input and results of the different encounters will be connected throughout the different sessions, making participants indirectly part of each other’s sessions.


[1] Hummels, C. and Van Dijk, J. (accepted). Seven principles to design for embodied sensemaking. TEI’15 Conference, Stanford, 15-19 January 2015.

[3] Hummels, C.C.M (2004). Educating interaction, experience and diversity. In: The changing face of design education; Proceedings of the 2nd IEPDE Conference (Delft, NL, September 2-3), 247-254.

[2] Trotto, A. & Hummels, C.C.M. (2013). Engage me, do! Engagement Catalysers to ignite a (design) conversation. In: Proc. of DPPI ‘13. (Newcastle, September 3-5), 136-145.


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Slowly but certainly moving towards 100

Continuing this project next to my regular work (since my sabbatical ended almost a year ago) is quite a challenge, and especially updating the website. Since the summer holidays started, I now have a bit more time to address my adventures the last half year. In 2016, I had 12 encounters up till now.

12 new encounters 2016

At the top row, you see three encounters I had with designers in practice (from left to right: Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken, Less or More and Onmi) about their approaches and visions on design and design research. Moreover, I had the opportunity to have five inspiring encounters with researchers who were visiting the Computer Human Interaction conference in San Jose, CA, USA (from the 2nd row on the left to the right and downwards: George Khut, Dag Svaenas, Gerrit van der Veer, John Zimmerman and Marko Teras) about the direction HCI and design research is taking, and how this relates to social, cultural, philosophical, technological and economical developments in our society. Moreover, Pierre Lévy and I had the pleasure to have an encounter with Veronique Hillen, Dean of Paris d.school, on design thinking and design education (3rd row on the right). I met Gbolagade Ayoola, professor emeritus of Agricultural Economics and Policy and founder and president of Farm & Infrastructure Foundation, in Eindhoven and we discussed amongst other things  the differences between Nigeria and Europe e.g. regarding the role of policy and technology to offer people equal rights. In August, I had a meeting with Maarten Konigs & Hans Robertus from the Holland Branding Group (4th row in the middle) to discuss participatory processes to explore the identity and branding of groups and neighbourhoods to offer people a frame and source of inspiration to act upon. Finally, I explored with Roel Freeke, the director of Necker van Naem, about the role of data, tools and social interaction to support governance and democracy processes. So the counter has reached 79.


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