Workshop with Reyna Perdomo

We had an inmersive and participatory presentation by Reyna Perdomo on Tuesday 26th of August @ Wearable Senses about: “Self-body-awareness in the process of visualization, representation and modeling of socio-cultural systems”

Reyna Perdomo studied graphic design, illustration and dance, choreography. Specialized in Interactive Multimedia Design at SCAN, “International Training Program in Computer Graphics, Computer Animation and Interactive Multimedia”, Groningen,The Netherlands. She was part of the development of the “CD-ROM Interactive Choreographic” for the International Competition for Young Choreographers 97 Groningen, relating dance,design and interactivity in the new media. She has done diverse solo performances and collaborations in dance and media experimental performances, i. e. Christian Ziegler, ZKM, Karlsruhe; STEIM, Amsterdam. She was one of the selected artists to participate in the 1rst. Internacional Dance/Tecnología Festival “Monaco Danses Dances Forum” (2000). She collaborated in the Workshops on Interactivity as a Choreographic Phenomenon and Telematic Choreographies and Internet, dictated by Wayne McGregor, Paul Sermon, i.a.,at the “Choreografisches Zentrum”,Essen,Germany. In 2006 was Project and Competency Coach for students in the topic of social design at the Industrial Design Department. She is a certified GYROKINESIS GXS® Teacher Trainer, from the GYROTONIC® HQ, Bad Krozingen,Germany. Also a licensed Californian Massage Therapist and Reflexology Therapist.




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